Groups make Be A Better Medic WAY more interesting!

These are very simple in form as we build them out. The pages below are all database-driven, so we’re going for functionality first, and then we’ll swing back around and see where they need polishing and more instruction. You should have no trouble in figuring out how to setup, join, or manage a group. 

Groups can help an instructor or team leader by providing accountability and results, while members of groups are able to see how they fare amongst their peers. VERY shortly, groups will be able to compete with other groups if they choose.

To get the ball rolling, the current “reporting data” for groups is based on “yesterday.” The server updates questions at Midnight EST, so we’re going to program it so you can see “yesterday’s results.” We’ll soon provide “last week” and “last month” results, and probably lifetime stats.  

Join & View Your Groups

If you have been invited to join a group, or want to see the activity of groups you have joined. Click here.

Create a Group

If you want to create a NEW GROUP, it’s simple! Start here, and we’ll walk you through it. Click here.

Manage Your Groups

This is where you can manage groups that you’ve created and access more admin-related reports. Click here.